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Four Fun & Unique Green Paint Colors You Probably Don't Know About

Green is, hands-down, one of my favorite paint colors. It makes me think of lush and vibrant green trees, plants, and grass. You know the room that celebrities hang in before going on Jimmy Kimmel or other talk shows? It's called the green room for a reason-it creates a relaxing atmosphere to calm those pre-interview nerves. Green also inspires creativity and is associated with things like money (those dollar bills are green), luck (shamrocks), and rebirth (think springtime). So, it's a no-brainer that it's a popular paint color. And, of course, the bolder and more saturated, the better. Alright, let's do this. Here are four underrated green paint colors that you probably haven't heard of until today!

1. Benjamin Moore - Miramichi

Benjamin Moore Miramichi

I'm obsessed with this blue-green stunner. Miramichi is rich and dynamic, with hints of emerald and teal. In a room with very little natural light, it's super dark and moody. I used it in my basement and painted the trim and ceiling the same color, and being completely enveloped in the color is so cozy-sometimes I go down there just to admire it. Miramichi is a versatile color and looks great in any room-even on cabinetry. It's the perfect color for adding some drama to a space. It's not a popular/trendy color (which makes it even more special) so unfortunately there aren't a lot of examples of it in use. Hence the stock photo from Benjamin Moore below:)

Room painted with Benjamin Moore's Miramichi paint color
Source: Benjamin Moore

2. Benjamin Moore - Avocado

Benjamin Moore Avocado paint color

Benjamin Moore Avocado is a deep earthy green with golden tones. And just like a real deal avocado, it's LUSCIOUS. I love this shade because it's unique and unusual-not a shade of green that you see a lot. It brings energy and playfulness to a space. I used it for the wall color in the bathroom renovation below. The color was definitely out of the client's comfort zone, so naturally, she was a little scared and skeptical, but once she saw it in the space, she LOVED it.

Benjamin Moore's Avocado paint color shown in a bathroom renovation-Loudoun County interior design
Design: The Styled Domicile

3. Farrow & Ball Green Smoke

Farrow & Ball Green Smoke paint color

First of all, don't call this one paint; it's COLOUR. IYKYK. Green Smoke is classic and timeless but doesn't read as stuffy. It's got a laid-back casual feel to it. It's a great green when you want something that isn't overly saturated and rich but you don't want to go too subtle. Green Smoke gives you that perfect balance in between. This smokey green is beautiful on cabinets (as you can see below) and looks just as beautiful on walls.

Kitchen with Farrow & Ball Green Smoke cabinets
Source: House & Home | Design: Emily Wunder | Photography: Valerie Wilcox

4. Benjamin Moore Green Cast

Benjamin Moore Green Cast

Coming in at #4 is Green Cast-a light & bright minty green. I love it in kid's spaces because it creates a happy, youthful feel. When you walk into a room painted with Green Cast, it feels like a breath of fresh air. Pastels can get a bad rap for being nursery colors, but this one is delicate and soft without feeling "babyish."

Benjamin Moore's Green Cast paint in a kid's bedroom
Design: The Styled Domicile

And there you have it-four unique and fun green paint colors to add to your design inspiration-Pin away! Ps-I'd love to know, were you today years old when you learned about these colors? And which one has you drooling the most?


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