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  • Jess Harrell

Statement Chairs: Why Every Home Needs This Bold & Daring Accent Piece

What exactly is a statement chair? Well, there's really not much to it. It's an accent chair that...makes a statement. Whereas some accent chairs have a quiet look and are intentionally chosen to recede visually, statement chairs stand out from the rest because they have an interesting shape, a fun pattern, or bold colors. And when they've got all three, boy, do they really steal the show.

Some statement chairs are practical-they look cozy, loungeable, and inviting to sit in. Others are totally impractical - sitting in them looks like it could be a painful experience; they serve as more of a floor sculpture. A chair doesn't have to be functional-it can be a piece of art!

Let's check out some interiors with killer statement chairs.

A bold statement chair in a laid back living room.
Source: Histórias de Casa

That red chair is the perfect cherry on top of this fresh and casual living room. What a showstopper. The intertwined/twisted seat back is unexpected, and the pattern and color are funky and bold. You can't help but be immediately drawn to it. This guy looks pretty comfortable for a short sit too, making it fun to look at AND practical. Win-win!

A playful shaped statement chair in a sophisticated living room.
Design: Arent & Pyke | Photo: Anson Smart

Ooooh, those curves! The bentwood chair above has an incredible shape with lots of movement. It feels like one continuous flowing wave. The back and arm support doesn't look particularly comfortable, but I'm assuming there's a more inviting place to sit opposite the chair. Consider this the seat you offer guests that you don't want to stay awhile. Side note: kind of obsessed with those legs on the mantel.

A sculptural statement chair in a neutral living room.
Source: Elle Decor | Styling: Melissa Colgan Interiors | Photography: Jennifer Hughes

This modernist masterpiece is a statement chair you could fall asleep in - the Flag Halyard chair by Jans Wegner. Just look at that headrest and cozy sheepskin! I love the juxtaposition created with the hard steel frame, longhaired sheepskin, and rope-wrapped body. So striking. It's hard to see the rope construction in the photo, but you can see it in all its glory here.

A statement chair that serves as a piece of art in a colorful living room.
Designer: Hopins Rose | Styling: Yvonne Teague | Photography: Marc Mauldin

This, my friends, is a floor sculpture. Playful, sexy, and unusual-nothing understated about this work of art. I mean, she's even had a manicure. You can look, but you can't touch. It makes a great conversation piece too, because it's so quirky and over the top. The kind of decor that people will either love or hate.

So now you know exactly what sets a statement chair apart from the rest. Nothing subdued or subtle about them. They're all about bringing drama and imagination to a space. Which of the statement chairs above are your favorite?


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