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  • Jess Harrell

25 Attractive Boob Light Alternatives: It’s Time to Banish the Boob Light for Good

The word boob appears in this post 11 times, and it has nothing to do with actual breasts, lol. I'm talking about the dreaded boob light. It's basic, outdated, and has become the most hated light fixture of all time. When I visit clients' homes, it's often the first thing they point out with embarrassment. But it's not your fault, sweetie. There's no need to be embarrassed unless you picked it out yourself. In that case, shame on you! I kid, I kid. Before I get into the alternatives, let's answer a couple of common questions.

What are boob lights actually called?

A basic outdated boob light.

Just in case you live under a rock, the term "boob light" refers to a round ceiling light fixture that has a circular shape, with a rounded protrusion in the center, that resembles, well...a boob. But, the technical term? It's a flushmount. These fixtures are designed to be installed flush with the ceiling rather than hanging down like a pendant or chandelier.

Why are boob lights so common?

Blame it on the builders. They're the cheapest option available to builders and the easiest to install, so they've just become the default option. Builders don't really care if what they're installing is stylish or unique. They just want the cheapest option that gets the job done.

So, what are the alternatives for boob lights?

The desire for something more attractive is spreading like wildfire, and people are ready to banish these lights for good. So if you're ready to give your boob lights a makeover, here are 25 boob light alternatives.

A note: yes, there's a whole lot of brass because that's what I'm drawn to, but most of these lights come in multiple finishes. Some come in a variety of colors (like the hot pink and marine blue options). The bubble flushmount is my favorite, but the green patina option also looks mighty fine.

PS-If you're looking for an option that requires no hardwiring, check out Tulip. You're welcome!


Hi there!

I'm Jess Harrell, interior designer and founder of The Styled Domicile. I've got a thing for eating ice-cream straight out of the pint (Netflix and Chill or The Tonight Dough, please), embarrassing my kids (trust me, they love it), and making homes and the people that live in them happier. I'm all about celebrating what makes you different and throwing ordinary out the window.

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