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  • Jess Harrell

15 Plant-Filled Interiors: Inspiration for Decorating With Plants

There's no such thing as too many houseplants. There, I said it. There's just no need to exercise restraint when it comes to indoor greenery. Decorating with plants improves air quality and your mood; they're beautiful and a foolproof way of bringing texture, pattern, and color to a space. They work (and belong!) in every room of the house. Let's check out some inspiring interiors that prove how plants belong in every room and will have you feeling green with envy. Get it? Plants are green! Sorry, couldn't resist that Dad joke.

Decorating With Plants - Living Rooms

A console styled with plants, books, and artwork.
Home of Rebecca de Ravenel, Photography: Amy Neunsinger

These plants really add to the more is more look going on here. An abundance of art, books, and decorative objects is made even more beautiful with an abundance of houseplants. No surface is left untouched. The matching lamps on the console table give the space a touch of formality, and the matching palms in front of the framed photograph really echo that look.

Decorating With Plants - Bathroom

A bathroom styled with lots of plants.
Source: Dabito

Oh, lawd, do I love some plants in a bathroom! They instantly make a bathroom feel more spa-like. There are plenty of good spots for them to live too-the vanity countertop, the shower, around the bathtub, and so on. I love how Dabito used them to fill the space under the wall sconce. Sometimes all you need is a single stem, like the philodendron branch in the white vase. Its sculptural shape makes it feel like a piece of art unto itself.

Decorating With Plants - Hallways

A houseplant at the end of a hallway.
Source: Elle Decoration Photography: Taran Wilkhu

Not sure how to fill an awkward space? A plant can fix that. Without that tall dracaena at the end of the hallway above, the area would be bare and boring. Its presence is really commanding and draws your eyes in. Love it.

Decorating With Plants - Kitchens

A hanging plant by the kitchen
Source: Elle Decoration Photography: Taran Wilkhu

Kitchens can often feel cold and sterile, and incorporating plants into the decor adds much-needed life. Potted herbs are a no-brainer. There's nothing like having fresh herbs at your fingertips while cooking. Long, flowing hanging plants work beautifully in kitchens too. The kitchen above has a lot of great visual layering, and the trailing pothos in that open area adds to it perfectly. Windowsills are a prime location for sun-loving plants like succulents. They're a super easy way to add interest to an otherwise blank space.

Decorating With Plants - Dining Rooms

An indoor tree in a dining room.
Source: Wit & Delight

It's time for the big boys (and girls). Dining rooms don't need much furniture besides the table, chairs, and sideboard. So large indoor trees or plants are perfect for filling those empty corners. The dining room above has a serene, minimal vibe, and the tall Schefflera adds just the right amount of drama while keeping the space light and airy.

Decorating With Plants - Bedrooms

A hanging plant in a bedroom.
Source: Undecorated Home

Yep, plants are right at home in bedrooms too! I love how the hanging plant fills the space in the corner without taking up any floor space. It makes me so happy to see plants on nightstands. Who doesn't want to wake up to an instant mood boost sitting beside their bed?

Hopefully, these plant-filled interiors convinced you how essential plants are for creating a cozy, warm, and inviting home. They bring life and color to any room in your house and are a great way to keep your space looking fresh.


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