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Jess Harrell, Interior Designer Northern Virginia



I'm not a rigid, uptight interior designer. You can fully expect me to jump up and down on the sofa like Tom Cruise on Oprah when I find that killer vintage sofa for you. I'm here to turn your home into a truly one-of-a-kind space worthy of a spread in AD so that every single thing you see when you look around makes your heart swell and feels like an extension of yourself. Unless you've got a thing for word signs-I'm sorry, I'm suddenly booked up! 


This is the design experience that will make you say, "It's like you peeked into my brain and designed exactly for my taste!" (My response? That psychology degree I'm still paying off wasn't for nothing.) In the end, you'll have a space full of life and personality that exceeds your expectations. And you'll be freaking pumped about showing it off. 

Jess Harrell, Interior Designer Northern Virginia-Gallery wall project


With my nose in a book.

Non-fiction, mysteries, true-crime, dysfunctional family memoirs, self-help, you name it, I read it. But no kindles for me. I love the weight of a book in my hands and the smell of the pages. 

Jess Harrell, Interior Designer Northern Virginia-Dining room project

The Styled Domicile believes...

Your vision and your needs are what it's all about. I’m committed to greatness, attention to detail, and getting your design right. If you don’t love it, then my work isn’t complete.


There is no one size fits all design. There is only one you and your home should show that uniqueness. 


You shouldn’t take yourself (or your home) too seriously. Every design includes something unexpected and playful. 


You should do one thing really well. The Styled Domicile’s signature look mixes vintage and modern for an eclectic curated feel. I won’t be able to serve you well if our styles don’t align.


The Styled Domicile supports racial justice and the LGTBQ+ community. There is no place for discrimination or racism of any kind here.

Jess Harrell, Interior Designer Northern Virginia-Project material samples
Jess Harrell, Interior Designer Northern Virginia-Entryway project

"Jess takes the time to understand what's important to you and your design goals. She doesn't miss a detail. She aims to understand how you will use the space and how the design can assist and elevate how you are already using it."



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