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Jess Harrell, interior designer and founder of The Styled Domicile adjusts a vase on a shelf

I make it a place that enhances your life.

Jess Harrell, interior designer and founder of The Styled Domicile sits on a white chair wearing a hot pink blazer

You’re not just looking for an interior designer. 

You’re looking for someone who will know what you didn’t even know you wanted.

Think of me as the Nancy Drew of interior design, uncovering those hidden wishes and personal quirks that other designers might overlook. Because I know how important it is for you to feel a deep emotional connection and sense of belonging in your home.


That's why when you lay eyes on your newly designed space, you'll be caught off guard (in the best way!) by how completely seen and understood you feel.


Basically, I put you front and center. It's your story I'm telling, your emotions I'm embracing, and your dreams I'm making a reality. You and your home will be finishing each other's sentences.

Flatlay of colorful wallpaper and fabrics
But my past clients say my *zone of genius* is reading between the lines to catch all the subtle details needed to truly understand your vision.

The Styled Domicile's all about...

Details of a shelf styled with books, plants, and decorative objects

You shouldn't take yourself or your home too seriously. We could all use a little more fun in our lives, don't ya think?!

Close up of a brass faucet on a marble countertop

There's no conformity to find here. There is only one you and your home should accentuate what makes you one-of-a-kind.

Colorful and eclectic artwork in a living room

The Styled Domicile embraces diversity, equity, and inclusion. Everyone is welcome no matter who you are or where you come from.  


Long story short, I took the long way.

Jess Harrell, interior designer & founder of The Styled Domicile, lays on a sofa with a book covering her face

At seventeen I decided I should be a social worker.

Why? Because a guidance counselor gave me a questionnaire and said I'd be good at helping people. Sure, that sounds great! Off to college, I went. Then I spent years working a job I didn't love because that's what adulting is all about, right? I even got a graduate degree in psychology to keep moving up the ladder at the job I hated. You know-just living the dream! 

Eventually, I left and decided to be a stay-at-home mom. And once my kids got older and didn't need me as much, I had the classic 'Who am I?! What am I even doing with my life?!' crisis.

My aha moment came when I realized that changing my environment to improve how I live, behave, and feel has always made me feel the most alive. As a kid, I watched my mom and grandmother, two of the most unapologetic women in my life, mold their homes into exactly what they needed them to be. Once you stepped in the door, you knew instantly who they were. My mom gave me the creative freedom to make my bedroom a place where I could find my own voice. And I've continued to make everywhere I live a place that comforts, inspires, and makes me and my family feel good. 

Looking back, I can see the path was always there; I just didn't take the conventional way. (Cause I don't do things conventionally, if you haven't noticed!)It turns out I *am* good at helping people!

And making their homes a reflection of who they are is how I help people best. 

Jess Harrell, interior designer & founder of The Styled Domicile, throws confetti in the air

And now for the fun stuff.

I can't live without...

Burt’s Bees chapstick

The food I could eat everyday is...

Cereal and milk

If I’m playing DJ, I’m playing...

Yacht rock

I'm surprisingly good at...


I could spend hours...

Walking around an antique store

"Jess really takes the time to get to know you, and her design suggestions made me feel like she understood my vision. Before, my space felt boring and dated, and now I have a beautiful bathroom that feels one-of-a-kind, and I couldn't be happier."



Let's work together.

Book a quick discovery call to chat about your project and see if we're a good match for working together. I'll ask you to share your vision for your home, your ideal timeline, and your budget comfort zone. And you can ask me any burning questions you might have. This call is very relaxed and there's no pressure at all!

A large gallery wall surrounds a Samsung Frame TV
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