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I'm so glad you're here!

Ready to work with me? It all starts with a 20-minute call to chat about whether your project and my skills & process are a good match. It's also a chance for you to feel me out and decide if I'm the right designer for you. Kinda like a speed date without the unbearable awkwardness. Book a discovery call using the button below.

For all other inquiries please email

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  • What if I don't see a service that fits my needs?
    Let's talk more during a Discovery Call. I may be able to develop a customized package of services that will help you accomplish your goals.
  • Do you offer consultations?
    Yes. I offer both in-person and virtual design consultations. It's a great way to tap into my expertise, get a fresh perspective, and get actionable steps to improve your home. During a consultation, we can tackle things like choosing paint colors, solving furniture layout issues, identifying your unique style, and finding the best places to shop for the look you want to achieve. The time is yours to use however it is most helpful to you! All Full-Service and Design Plan projects start with a consultation. In addition to the benefits above, the initial consultation allows me to collect the information I need to create a custom proposal for your project.
  • I don't live in the Northern Virginia/DC Metro area. Can we still work together?
    You bet. I've worked with clients as far as Amsterdam! My Design Plan and Designer on Call services are available no matter where you live.
  • How do you determine your design fees?
    I track every minute that goes into client’s projects to know how much time is used for all design phases. This allows me to create a realistic flat fee for my services based on your project’s scope of work and complexity.
  • Do you share your trade discount with clients?
    Short answer: no. There's a misconception about the term "trade discount." Designers act as retailers by purchasing at trade (or wholesale) pricing through vendors and then selling items to clients at a retail price. It's part of how designers make a profit and keep design fees low.
  • How does a Design Plan differ from Full-Service Design?
    With a Design Plan, once you've received the design, you're responsible for all of the project management. This means you place the orders, keep track of the deliveries, and install items when they arrive. If any contractors or tradespeople are required to bring the design to life, you're responsible for coordinating that as well. With full-service design, all of this is taken care of for you.
  • Can you incorporate furniture and decor I already have?
    Yes, and I encourage this! Using pieces you already have and love makes your design more personal and unique. I do my best to incorporate them, and I'll be honest with you if they don't work with the design. And I'll help you find a better spot for them in your home.

Have we met?

I'm Jess Harrell, interior designer and founder of The Styled Domicile. I've got a thing for eating straight out of the pint (Netflix and Chill or The Tonight Dough, please), embarrassing my kids (trust me, they love it), and making homes and the people that live in them happier. I'm all about celebrating what makes you different and throwing ordinary out the window.

Jess Harrell, interior designer & founder of The Styled Domicile sits on a blue sofa wearing a bright dress
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