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  • Jess Harrell

28 Quirky & Unique Home Decor Items Guaranteed to Spark Conversation in Your Home

Of course, every room needs the basics. The furniture, lighting, paint or wallpaper, textiles, decor, etc. But there's something else that every space needs to really make it sing. To kick up the interest factor a few notches. The special secret sauce that every room deserves to have is...

Mid-century entryway bench styling idea
A monkey reading a book while sitting on a stack of books. Why not?!

...a conversation starter! Something truly memorable thing that stops people in their tracks. Something that makes your guests pause. Something that makes people say, "What is that?!" They might love it. It might make them feel uncomfortable. They might even hate it! But it's not about whether they like it. The point is YOU love it, it gets people talking, and it makes life and your space all the more interesting.

A conversation starter should be at least one of these things: playful, boundary-pushing, clever, quirky, unexpected, humorous, or unique. If it checks more than one box, you get bonus points because it's even more powerful. Need some examples? Don't worry, I did some internet window shopping for you. Check out some specific ideas below to get your creative juices flowing.

Kitchen & Dining Conversation Starters

  • Dapper Dog Wine Bottle Holder - I think we can all agree that wiener dogs are irresistible in any form. Just give me one good reason why you shouldn't have a wiener dog wine bottle holder. Yeah, there are none.

  • Skiing Hare Wine Holder - If you prefer rabbits over dachshunds, I got you. Whimsical, fun, and it makes great decor for your dining room sideboard when you aren't using it.

  • Key Bottle Opener - While you're at it, why don't you open those wine bottles with a wine key that's shaped like a ... key. Am I blowing your mind yet? It doubles as decor because bar tools that look this good deserve to be left out 24/7.

  • Fishs Eddy Butter Dish - How about you take the wrapper off your stick of butter and then put it in a butter dish that looks like a wrapped stick of butter? It's ridiculous and that's what makes it so great.

  • Turtle Storage Basket - This little cutie is perfect for holding warm bread at dinner parties or keeping napkins and silverware covered during an outdoor meal.

  • Hybrid Raissa Porcelain Cake Stand - Quite possibly the most interesting-looking cake stand out there. You might have to click on the picture to see it, but it looks like two different cake stands broken in half and put back together. Or maybe the porcelain was formed that way? I don't know how they made it happen, but it's amazing.

  • Lou Rota Dessert Plates - At first glance, these plates look like normal vintage plates, but a closer look shows they are adorned with painted animals. They're unexpected and unique.

Furniture & Lighting Conversation Starters

  • Snake Table Lamp - The only kind of snake you'll want in your house. It feels weird to say a snake is sexy, but this lamp is kinda sexy ... yes?

  • Vintage Rams Head Coffee Table - So badass and luxe. You can tell they're working hard to hold that glass top up. It would make a big statement in any living room.

  • Wicker Foo Dog - This technically isn't furniture and it's a splurge, but it is HUGE and would fill just as much space as a chair or table. Also, it's so freaking cool and a total show stopper.

  • Femme Ceramic Side Table - You gotta click on this table to see the sweet booty on the other side. The handles give it a "Grecian vase" kind of vibe to it.

  • Female Form Table Lamp - Yes. Another naked lady. What can I say? Nudity pushes boundaries and gets people talking. But, I don't see what the big deal is. We've all got the same things going on under our clothes.

  • Snail Rattan Side Table - SO CUTE. SO SO CUTE. The spiral detail on the shell is mesmerizing is almost kind of hypnotizing.

  • Pavo Side Table - "Oh yes, my peacock will take your drink for you." What a fun table! I love how the crest on the head pokes through the top. It makes it look as if it's balancing the glass top on its tiny little head.

Home Decor Conversation Starters

  • Vintage Porcelain Cheetah - This beauty is a big splurge, but a life-size cheetah is not something you see every day. I can see it in an entryway waiting to greet your guests.

  • Long Horn Wall Decor - Take the controversy out of taxidermy with this super cool faux wire bust. It's a decent size, so it would make a great focal point wherever you need one. If orange isn't your thing, it comes in several different colors.

  • Brass Eye Magnifying Glass - Does a magnifying glass have any use in this day and age? Absolutely not. But it's pretty to look at and the eye shape adds even more interest. And you never know, you may need to read some fine print one day.

  • Stark Hand Sculpture - This sculpture looks incredibly lifelike. I can see it resting on a stack of coffee table books. Or maybe holding a collection of matchbooks.

  • Brass Origami Bowls - Usually there's nothing special about a brass bowl. But these guys are shaped like origami. They're beautiful, sculptural, clever, and going on my wishlist fo sho.

  • Face Planter - This head is HUGE. I know because I bought it. It looks like concrete, but it's made of resin, so it's lightweight and easy to move.

  • Brass Pharaoh Bust - A quick search for vintage brass objects will give you an insane amount of results and you'll see a lot of the same things. But, a brass Pharaoh bust is a once-in-a-lifetime find. Get it before I do.

  • Hand Carved Wooden Monkey - The shape of this is so interesting to look at. He's probably thinking, "Where did my torso go?" I don't know buddy. But I do know that you would look great on a shelf.

  • World Traveler's Cork Globe - A globe you'll actually use! What a fun and unique way to keep track of and display your travels.

  • Goddess Figure Candle - Hello nudity. We meet again. The detail on these candles is incredible. I like the variety of body shapes and colors too. They're really beautiful and you may never want to burn them.

  • Joji Face Vase - The expression on this vase cracks me up. So much attitude. Add flowers to the vase and voila she has hair! You can change up her look as much as you like.

  • Kiki's Derriere Vase - Jonathan Adler is THE KING of quirky home decor. He's definitely got a signature style and this booty vase is no exception.

  • Georgia Orb - Another amazing piece from Jonathan Adler. So many boobies. All the boobies. It's weird, it's funny, and I love it.

If money was no object which piece would you buy?

*** This post contains affiliate links, which means if you purchase something after clicking on a link, I’ll earn a few dollars from it at no additional cost to you. ***


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