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Unique & Awesome Vintage Home Decor You Need to Buy Before They're Gone

One of my previous Etsy finds: vintage carved stone bookends

Every once in a while I like to do a deep dive on Etsy and pretend that I'm strolling through a lovely Parisian flea market full of amazing vintage finds while taking bites of a perfectly warm and flaky chocolate croissant. It's called using your imagination, OK?

But really, it's so much fun to type things into the search bar cause you never know what treasures will appear (and disappear quickly-goodbye forever brass armadillo, someone out there is lucky). Here's what I found and would have purchased with my unlimited funds (oh did i forget to mention that part?) on my imaginary flea market visit. OUI OUI!

Since I'm rich and bought all of these things already I don't have to decide which ones are my favorite. BUT if I wasn't made of money and had to choose my top 5 this is what I would choose:

  1. Blonde Lady with Bangs in Red Sweater Portrait-What do you think she's thinking about? Kind of looks like there's not a lot going on up there, which sounds nice. What's it like to think about nothing?

  2. Rattan Elephant Towel Hook-I mean come on. I NEED THIS IN MY HALF BATH.

  3. Brass Fortune Cookie-It's just so cute and unexpected.

  4. Tapestry-I like birds on things and this is a nice thing with a bird on it.

  5. Big Wood Hand-I can just see it perfectly situated on a stack of coffee table books. Maybe holding a box of matches.

What do you think of my finds? Which things would you buy?

This post contains affiliate links, which means if you purchase something after clicking on a link I’ll probably earn a few dollars from it at no additional cost to you.


Did you know that I incorporate unique vintage finds into all of my designs? It's true. I do:) Interested in working with me? I'd love to hear about your design needs! Book a discovery call with me to get started.

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