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  • Jess Harrell

Why an Interior Designer Is Your Ticket to a Stress-Free Bathroom Renovation

Brass faucet and dramatic veined marble countertops in a bathroom renovation designed by The Styled Domicile
Design: The Styled Domicile

As one of the smallest rooms in your home, you might think designing a bathroom is a piece of cake-just pick the tile and some fixtures, and you're good, right? Yeah, not so much. There are literally hundreds of decisions to make when remodeling a bathroom. Let's take a look at the vanity, and everything included in that:

  • Are we doing a custom or ready-made vanity? Freestanding or built-in? Floor or wall mount?

  • What type of finish do you want for the faucet? Polished nickel? Satin nickel? Chrome? Stainless Steel? Oh, you want brass? Well, is that unlacquered? Polished? Satin? Antique?

  • Do you want wall-mounted or deck-mounted faucets?

  • How about the faucet handles? Widespread? Center-set? Single-lever?

  • How should the sink be mounted? Is it drop-in? Undermount?

  • How about the drain? Do you want a pop-up or twist stop?

Is your head spinning yet? Let's look at the countertops!

  • Do you want marble, quartz, concrete, soapstone, tile, maybe wood?

  • What about the finish? Polished or honed?

  • How do you want the countertop edge detail to look? Bullnose? Ogee? Crescent? Quarter round? There are 20+ options here.

  • How thick should the countertops be? How far should they hang over the cabinet edge?

Alright, alright, I'll stop torturing you:) Here's why hiring an interior designer for your bathroom renovation (or any renovation!) is a game-changer.

Hiring an Interior Designer for Your Bathroom Reno Gives You More Time for What Matters

Bathroom renovations take lots of time. Time for planning. Time and energy coordinating with painters, plumbers, tile workers, etc. Juggling logistics like, which task should come first? Should the tile work get done before the painting? It's a lot to manage on top of everything you've already got going on in life. Hiring a designer to handle the logistics means you have more time for what you enjoy. It means more time for coffee (or wine, or tequila!) with friends, picturesque family outings where everyone gets along, binging the latest Netflix top 10, or indulging in some "self-care" with a secret stash of Oreos hidden deep in your closet (I've definitely never done that).

Hiring an Interior Designer for Your Bathroom Reno Prevents Costly Mistakes

Installing a shower fixture that your home's water heater can't even support? It's happened, and I hear it's not a fun experience when your multiple shower heads and body sprays turn freezing cold in the middle of your shower. Guess who has your back against these totally avoidable, money-draining mistakes? That's right! An interior designer! It's their job to make sure every choice is a smart one and won't haunt you later in the form of pricey fixes and unintended cold plunges.

Hiring an Interior Designer for Your Bathroom Reno Means No Second-Guessing

Imagine're in a tile shop, looking for the perfect tile, but feeling totally lost in the sea of options. Your contractor is waiting on your decision, and you're running out of time. It's overwhelming and stressful to feel like you have to decide that under pressure. And then, when you finally choose something, you second-guess yourself and wonder if it was the right choice. Did you just make a huge mistake?! When you work with a designer, you can leave those uncertain feelings behind. With their expertise, you'll feel confident in every decision you make, knowing that every detail was carefully selected to transform your bathroom into a space you'll never want to leave.

Hiring an Interior Designer for Your Bathroom Reno Gives You a Stress-Free Experience

The best part about having a professional on board (ahem, that's me!) is that you get to take a breather from all the stress that comes with managing a bathroom project. An interior designer has got it all figured out, from the very first spark of an idea to the big reveal, with systems and processes in place that keep everything running like clockwork. So, instead of feeling like you've been cast in some never-ending home improvement show, you can just sit back, relax, and enjoy the whole renovation experience.

Renovating your bathroom doesn't have to be a daunting task filled with endless decisions and sleepless nights. With the expertise of a skilled designer, you can turn your bathroom into a stunning retreat without the Xanax prescription;)


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