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  • Jess Harrell

Tired of Gallery Walls? Large Scale Textiles Are Your New Best Friend.

Gallery walls are a great way to fill a large wall space, but sometimes a space calls for something different. Something more organic, textured, and warm. Meet your new best friend: large scale textiles. It's a great way to make a big impact. Let's check out some examples shall we?

Martin Brockett

Who says you can't hang a rug directly on a wall? No one. No one says that. And who says you can't hang art directly on top of that rug? Absolutely freaking no one! Such an unexpected move. It's a genius way to create more layers and visual interest.

credit: Alyssa Rosenheck

The wall space above a bed can be a pretty awkward space to fill. This runner gets the job done perfectly. I love the subtle, neutral, and calming color palette. And the pattern is exactly what the space needs. Bonus: it makes the already cozy bedroom even cozier.

credit: Apartment Therapy photography: Esteban Cortez

BAM. Now that's a statement. This woven wall hanging is so fun and playful. I love the chunky organic shape and bright, saturated, happy colors. It commands attention and creates a great focal point in the space. Now, where can I buy that exact one??

credit: Carrie Waller/Dream Green DIY

Here's another example of a beautiful rug as art. The ceiling in this living room seems to be on the shorter side, so the long rectangular runner is perfect for filling the space above the sectional. And now I can't stop thinking about all of the vintage rugs that I passed on buying because I didn't have a place to put them! Note to self: hoard vintage rugs.

Want to get this look in your own space? I rounded up some options for you below. Happy shopping!

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This post contains affiliate links, which means if you purchase something after clicking on a link I’ll probably earn a few dollars from it at no additional cost to you. I use affiliate links as a source of revenue to keep my remote design services affordable.


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