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  • Jess Harrell

24 Bright & Colorful Modern Sofas That'll Make Your Home Stand Out From the Crowd

A bold colorful sofa is a great way to express your individuality (and make sure your living room doesn't end up looking like the masses). Your home will truly feel like yours when you can let go of the fear of being different. Have fun with it! And a bright, funky sofa is as good a place to start as anywhere. I did some online window shopping for you and found 24 of the best colorful sofas for you to pick from. (Bonus: most of these come in smaller loveseat sizes as well.) First up we'll start with blue.

Modern Blue Living Room Sofa Round-Up

I could have done a whole separate post on blue sofas. The market is SATURATED with them. The patterns on #4 & #6 give them a little extra punch of fun. And I can totally see #6 in a cozy little sitting room. The visible wood frames on #3 and #5 are really cool. I'm a sucker for a teal velvet sofa. The wood grain on #3 is especially beautiful and that sapphire blue is so vibrant. I think my favorites would have to be #7 & #8. I really love the sleek modular lines and the pretty light blue shade of #6. And I'm seriously crushing on channel back and chunky sculptural legs on #8. Moving on to green sofas...

Modern Green Living Room Sofa Round-Up

Good-looking green sofas are not as plentiful as blue. But, finding a cheetah print sofa (#4) definitely made the search worth it. It goes without saying, but it's definitely my favorite. If you prefer a sofa with a more masculine vibe, any of the first three would be a great pick. And wow, doesn't that velvet on #6 look so luxurious? That vibrant funky olive green is pretty killer too. Next up on the rainbow are orange and pink sofas.

Modern Orange & Pink Living Room Sofa Round-Up

Orange is tough because it can be a little harsh, but I was able to find a few beauties. I'm really drawn to the burnt orange shade and chrome details on #2 and it's got a sweet 70s vibe. And the subtle pattern on #6 is very cool. I really like the idea of a pink sofa. For some reason, it feels so much more playful than any of the other colors. My favorite here is definitely #4. The salmon pink is such a fun color on a classic shape. If you like a sofa with a strong feminine feel, #5 definitely checks that box. Last but not least, let's check out some yellow sofas.

Modern Yellow Living Room Sofa Round-Up

Like orange, I think yellow can be a pretty tough color to pull off, but you can't go wrong with a rich mustard yellow like you see in #1, 3, and #4. The overstuffed look makes them all look equally comfy too. I'm pretty sure #2 is the only sofa in the world where you could say, "Why yes my sofa does look like a gondola!" That's worth the $7,650 price tag, right?? One can dream.

Well, there you have it; 24 bold and colorful sofas that will make your living room stand out. I'd love to hear which are your favorites in the comments!

*** This post contains affiliate links, which means if you purchase something after clicking on a link I’ll earn a few dollars from it at no additional cost to you. ***


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