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Jess Harrell, Interior Designer Northern Virginia-Before and after bathroom remodel

Bold & Fresh: 
A Sophisticated Bathroom Remodel

This Designer on Call project allowed the client to confidently make design selections for a bathroom remodel. The end result is a sexy & sophisticated main bathroom with a modern contemporary look. Styling services gave the finished renovation the cherry on top that every project deserves.


Designer on Call


Alexandria, VA


112 square feet


The client was renovating her main bathroom and had made several selections, including the vanity, lighting, and mirrors. She had a clear vision of the bathroom's overall look and feel but was feeling overwhelmed and paralyzed by the number of outstanding decisions. On top of those not-so-great feelings, she also didn't feel confident making choices on her own. She feared regretting her decisions or making costly mistakes—both very valid fears with important decisions like these.


The client needed to make some big decisions to complete the project, including the paint color, countertop slab, and backsplash.


For the paint color, she wanted to be pushed outside of her comfort zone, so I selected several color options that were bolder and more daring than the color palette throughout the rest of her home. I provided samples of each color to aid in her decision-making. Once she saw them in the space and heard my rationale for the best pick, she felt confident with her color selection. She could also clearly communicate with her contractor what areas should be painted and where the color should start and stop. 

In keeping with her desire to be more daring with her bathroom design, I helped the client choose a countertop slab with dramatic veining and lots of contrast. I also suggested using the countertop material for the backsplash rather than tile, keeping it from feeling dull and predictable. I recommended adding a little ledge to create visual interest and more storage. Lastly, I provided ideas and suggestions for smaller (but still important!) details like the shower niche placement, floor tile layout, accessories, and styling.


The client confidently chose the remaining design selections with a designer by her side. She had no doubt that once the remodel was finished, her bathroom would be cohesive and reflect the exact look she hoped to achieve.


She now has an absolutely stunning main bathroom that I am, quite frankly, obsessed with! The deep earthy green paint has golden shades that pair beautifully with the brass finishes. The bold and saturated purples and oranges in the accessories and decor add another layer of excitement to the space. The veining in the marble countertop and backsplash is straight-up sexy and looks perfect with the rich walnut vanity.


"Jess really takes the time to get to know you and your vision. She's got a fantastic eye, and her design suggestions made me feel like she really understood my vision. Her clarity and conviction helped make design decisions a breeze. Before working with The Styled Domicile, my space felt boring and dated. Now I have a beautiful bathroom that feels one-of-a-kind, and I couldn't be happier." -Ellen P.

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