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  • Jess Harrell

Six Special Details That Make Bedroom Interior Design Extra Chic

Bedroom interior design with swing-arm sconce and colorful bedding
Design & Photography by The Styled Domicile

When you walk into your bedroom, you should feel a flurry of emotion when you look around. It's meant to be a sanctuary - a place you enjoy and look forward to spending time in at the end of the day. *Or at 12 pm on a mental health day while binging garbage tv and eating your feelings. Yeah, you know what I'm talking about.* So, what sets some bedrooms apart from the rest? Why do some bedrooms feel pulled together and sophisticated while others feel boring and bland? It's all in the details, my friend. Below I'm sharing six special details that make bedroom interior design feel elevated and chic.

Bedroom Interior Design Detail #1: Patterned Sheets

Chic bedroom with patterned sheets
Photo from Rebecca Atwood's Living With Pattern

Who says sheets have to be boring and plain? They are often overlooked because you only glimpse a sneak peek of them in photos, but giving them a little more consideration can have a huge impact. Pulling back your blankets and seeing a little bit of unexpected fun is such a simple pleasure. Bonus-It also makes an un-made bed look chicer. Why bother covering up something that pretty? Show off that little bit of flair! I especially love using a different pattern for the fitted sheet, flat sheet, and pillowcase, as Rebecca Atwood did above.

Here's a few examples for ya:

Bedroom Interior Design Detail #2: Lots of Layers

Sophisticated bedroom with lots of layers
Design by Amber Road - Photography by Lisa Cohen

Layers create visual interest and depth and keep a bedroom from feeling bare-bones. The bedroom is full of opportunities for adding layers. A large rug looks great under the bed and anchors the space. Or you can use two smaller rugs on each side as you see in the stunning bedroom above. Plain-Jane wall-to-wall carpet is easily elevated by layering an area rug on top. Even if you have beautiful wood floors, adding a rug will warm things up (and anchor the furniture).

Another way to add layers is to place a throw or coverlet at the end of the bed that contrasts with your existing bedding. The bedroom above nailed this layering technique too! You'd be surprised at the difference that a little extra color and texture make. And let's not forget the vertical space like the walls and windows. Art on the walls and shades and curtains on the windows are other ways of creating visual interest and depth.

Bedroom Interior Design Detail #3: Elevated Lampshades

Bedroom with patterned lampshades
Design by Pandora Taylor

Most table lamps come with a simple white shade - nothing special about those. But when the standard shade is replaced with something more exciting, suddenly, the lamp looks more custom and charming. Case in point: the bedroom above. The pleated block-print lampshades are the perfect special sauce.

Here are a few fun lampshades:

Bedroom Interior Design Detail #4: Walls With Depth and Character

Wallpapered bedroom
Design by Zoe Feldman - Photography by Stacy Zarin Goldberg

I'm a big fan of white walls. They make an excellent backdrop for colorful furniture and decor. But sometimes, a space calls for something with a little more drama and depth. Paint and wallpaper are both great ways of making a bedroom go from blah to beautiful. It never ceases to amaze me how a few coats of paint can completely change the look and feel of a space. And wallpaper doesn't have to mean crazy patterns and colors (although I do love that). Subdued and understated can still pack a serious punch. Either way, it's guaranteed to up a bedroom's style factor. I mean, just check out the bedroom above. Try to imagine it without the wallpaper. It just wouldn't be the same.

Bedroom Interior Design Detail #5: Greenery

Bedroom decorated with lots of plants
Design by Dabito

Every room needs a plant. Yes, even the bedroom. Houseplants literally and figuratively add life to a bedroom. They're living sculptures, nature's works of art. They pull double duty by bringing in color and texture. Dabito's bedroom above is an excellent example of this. I love how each plant has a different shape and color variation.

And no, fake plants will not cut it here. There's nothing like the real thing. There are lots of options if you have a black thumb. ZZ plants and snake plants are pretty much impossible to kill. Here are a few low-maintenance houseplants for examples:

Bedroom Interior Design Detail #6: Mismatched Furniture

Bedroom with mismatched collected furniture
Design by Emily Henderson - Photography by Tessa Neustadt

You will never see a bedroom with a matching bed, nightstands, and dresser in Architectural Digest. That's because those pieces should be friends that bring out the best in each other, not twins forced to wear matching outfits. (Twins in matching outfits are pretty cute, though!) In the bedroom above, Emily Henderson chose a warm vintage wood dresser, a soft upholstered bed, and an industrial-style nightstand. All three pieces have clean, simple lines, creating a sense of harmony between them. It's also way more exciting and dynamic to look at. If the bed and nightstand came from the same set as the vintage dresser, the bedroom would feel like you time-traveled to the 1950s. Not at all the look you want.

And that's all my fellow design lovers! These six special details are what make a beautifully designed bedroom feel extra chic. A bedroom you love so much you'll never want to leave it!

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