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  • Jess Harrell

18 Colorful and Bold Artwork Options for Your Frame TV

My life can be divided into two periods: BF (Before Frame) and AF (After Frame). The Frame TV is a game changer for making your TV seamlessly blend in with the rest of your beautifully designed living room. This is not a sponsored post, despite what it sounds like. I just absolutely love this piece of technological genius. Let's face it: traditional TVs are ugly, and people have been trying to find ways to disguise them for a long time. There is no shortage of articles out there on this topic. Painting the wall behind the TV black is one popular suggestion. But then you've just got a big black wall that looks like an awkward amount of negative space. Another way is to hide the TV inside an entertainment cabinet. But this is not a realistic option anymore. Have you seen how big TVs are these days?!

If you're like, "What the heck is a frame tv?" I wanna know what rock you've been living under. But just in case you are that one person in the world scratching your head, here's a little recap. The Samsung Frame TV is a TV (duh) that looks like a piece of art when it's turned off. And it is VERY convincing, my friend. I can't tell you how many people have been shocked when I turn on the TV and they realize it's not a framed piece of art. Part of what makes it convincing is that it's super thin and hangs flush with the wall. The depth is less than some of the actual art I have hanging next to it.

Another thing that makes the Frame special is that you can add a decorative bezel that acts like a frame. Samsung carries a few options of its own, but you can find many others (and more variety) with a quick Google search. Yes, even a beautiful wood frame hand-gilded with 22k gold for a mere $5k. Alright, enough of me professing my love; let's look at some examples of the Frame in the wild, shall we?

Colorful and eclectic gallery wall around the Frame TV
What TV?

Hey! I know this house! Here's the Frame in my living room. If you weren't already trying to find it, I bet you'd have a hard time picking it out! You can see one of Samsung's bezel options here: the modern teak bezel. I'm all about filling your home with art, so it should come as no surprise that my favorite way to style the Frame is to incorporate it into a gallery wall like I did here. It truly makes it look like just one of the gang.

Bold and eclectic gallery wall around Frame TV
Source: Old Brand New

Here's another example of the frame nestled in a gallery wall. The modern black bezel works seamlessly with the rest of the frame styles.

Dark and moody gallery wall surrounding a frame tv
Source: Emily Henderson

Oh, look, another beautiful example of the Frame in a gallery wall. This space is a testament to how easy it is to incorporate the frame into different interior styles. The mat around the art and the architectural photo gives it a more formal look, which works really well with the more traditional and masculine vibe of this living room.

Alright, alright, let's get to the point of this post and the best part of the Frame: the digital art options! The Frame does come with its own "built-in" shop; some of the art is free, and some of it is offered through a subscription plan. Two other great places to find cool digital art are Etsy and Juniper Print Shop. I've found that the market is pretty saturated with muted farmhouse and boho-style art for the Frame. It's a little more challenging to find options that are more eclectic and colorful. So I did some hunting and rounded up 18 colorful and bold Frame TV artwork options.

Bold and colorful frame tv art options

The first option is so vibrant and mesmerizing. And I really like the scale on the flying bird. It looks like a captured moment in time as the bird flew past a window. The third option feels very classic, you can't go wrong with a still life. The next one feels pretty dramatic. Almost as if the artist was mad when they painted it. And I'm really into the texture of the last abstract landscape. It gives it a very realistic feel.

Bold and colorful frame tv art options

Lots of good options here too! The photo of the women holding the letters that spell out badass makes me smile. I have a feeling that was probably photoshopped, though. The absolute stunner for me here are the peacocks. That pink and blue combo is perfection.

Now you have 18 bold and colorful artwork options for the Frame. Do you have a favorite? Or will you add all of them to your cart and spend hours agonizing over which one to buy? Is that just me?

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