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  • Jess Harrell

5 Important Questions to Ask When Deciding Whether to Save or Splurge on Home Decor

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When it comes to making purchases for furniture and decor for your home, there's a huge disparity in price ranges. You'll see area rugs that cost $300, and you'll also find area rugs of the same size for $10,000. So how do you decide how much money to invest when there's such a big difference? When does it make sense to splurge on an item, and when is your money better spent on something else? Stress no more cause I'm about to break it down for you. Here are five essential questions to ask yourself before you make your decision.

How long do you need it to last?

This question applies mainly to furniture and textiles. If you don't want to replace your sofa in a few years, you should splurge on a high-quality, well-built sofa. It will withstand years of frequent use, and depending on just how high the quality is, it could last a lifetime. The fabric will eventually show wear if you have kids that give furniture a good beating. But having it reupholstered is way more affordable than buying a brand new sofa.

On the other hand, an armchair in your guest room would be an excellent place to save. Unless you have frequent guests, it won't be sat on very often. And let's face it. Chairs in bedrooms are really just a place to throw clothes on at the end of the day. So, any piece of furniture or textile you want to last for 10+ years is a good place to splurge.

How much use will it get?

A picture frame that sits on a console table will never be handled. It will look exactly the same and have zero wear years after you buy it. So unless you're head over heels for the frame and it speaks to your soul like none other, I'd say it's safe to skip the $125 super luxe marble frame. Your money is better spent elsewhere. On the other hand, throw pillows on your sofa will get lots of use and are worthy of a splurge. It makes sense to spend money on pillows that are made from quality materials and will withstand daily wear and tear.

Will you get tired of it in a few years?

Don't splurge on something just because it's "in style." If you're going to invest a good amount of money into a piece of furniture or decor, it's best to make sure you won't be sick of looking at it in a few years. If you love that $5,000 area rug and will still love it in 5 years or 10 years, then go for it. If it's a big investment and you think there's a chance you could fall out of love with it in a few years, I'd pass on that rug.

Is it truly special?

You know those one-of-a-kind pieces you come across that take your breath away? Those are the things you should splurge on. Like an original painting that you just can't get out of your head. 99.9999% of the time, you'll never find a budget version that gives you the same feeling as the original painting. And if you decide to settle on something else, you'll always compare it to the one that got away. So, if it's something that makes your heart flutter and you have room in your budget, take the leap and splurge.

Where will it live in your home?

A mirror that lives in your basement bathroom is an excellent place to save. I probably wouldn't go all out on tile either in a basement bath. If it's something that will live in a room that won't be seen as often, I think it makes sense to save and splurge on something else. Splurge on the tile and decor in your primary bathroom. You'll be looking at it a lot and will be able to appreciate its beauty regularly.

Alright, one more time for the people in the back:

  • Splurge if it's something that will get lots of use and you want it to last.

  • Save if it's in an area of the house that won't get much use.

  • Splurge if you know you will love it for life.

  • Save if you think there's a chance you'll be sick of looking at it in a few years.

  • Splurge if it's something extraordinary that takes your breath away and you can't get it out of your mind.

  • Save if it's pretty run-of-the-mill and not unique.

Hopefully, these questions will give you the clarity you need when deciding whether to save or splurge!

Hi there!

I'm Jess Harrell, interior designer and founder of The Styled Domicile. I've got a thing for eating straight out of the pint (Netflix and Chill or The Tonight Dough, please), embarrassing my kids (trust me, they love it), and making homes and the people that live in them happier. I'm all about celebrating what makes you different and throwing ordinary out the window.

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