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  • Jess Harrell

The Best Modern Holiday Decor For People Who Hate the Color Red

Bottle brush trees and brass deer on a fireplace mantel

Let's talk about the color red. Red is a strong, bold color and it can be quite polarizing. People either love it or hate it. Let it be known that I'm one of the haters. And if you are red averse, Christmas can be tough on the eyes because red is everywhere. Anyone want to start a petition to change the color of Santa's suit? At least in our own home, we can protect ourselves from the horror of the color red. Keep reading for a round-up the best colorful and modern holiday decor out there without an ounce of red. (Ok there might be a tiny smidge here are there, but you'll hardly notice, trust me.)

Modern Holiday Decor - Decorative Trees

Trees are pretty ubiquitous when it comes to Christmas decor. And there are a ton of good options out there for decorative trees. Bottlebrush trees are always a classic, but it's nice to see some options that use different materials like felt, wood, metal, and ceramic. I love the funky chess-piece-like shapes on the colorful bottle brush trees. And the white, gold, and silver tree trio is really striking and streamlined. They're a great example of how great mixing metals can look. The pampas grass trees are actually a DIY kit! It could be really sweet to make them with your kids and remember the good times you had making them for years to come. Or remember the nonstop whining and complaining. You never know which way it'll go!

Modern Holiday Decor - Garland

Ok, so some of these garlands have a teeny bit of red and I'm gonna make an exception here because it's not overwhelming. Hopefully, you fellow red-haters are cool with it too. Garland is great for stringing across fireplace mantels, bookcases, and windows. I love all the playful and fun options here. The colorful "FALALALA" garland is hands down my favorite. Such a fun and bold color palette. And how about the figs and pomegranate garland?! It's beautiful, sophisticated, and unexpected.

Modern Holiday Decor - Nutcrackers

Nutcrackers just scream Christmas. I love a modern take on this classic Christmas decor. The colorful nutcrackers will bring fun and drama to your space. Or you can go simple and subdued with the natural, organic feel of the wood, and marble options. The acrylic nutcrackers are great if you're looking to add some glam and sophistication to your decor.

Modern Holiday Decor - Tree Collars, Skirts & Tree Toppers

A tree collar or skirt is a must-have for hiding those ugly tree stands that hold the water. A pretty collar or skirt is much easier on the eyes. I'm really into colorful patterned fabric skirts. They're just so charming. You almost don't want to put presents out and cover those beauties up. And is a Christmas tree even a Christmas tree if it doesn't have a tree topper? I think not. I love the tall glass finials because they add height to your tree. Bigger is better right?

Modern Holiday Decor - Wreaths & Door Decor

Lots of great options for decking out the front door and entryway. Door swag sounds like such an old lady thing, but those pretty white bells give any door in the house some extra zhush. And the door hanger is extra special with all the texture and different materials.

As for the exterior, why not make your doormats fun and festive? It's a great way to show your holiday spirit and a nice way to greet guests. While a wreaths is always nice on the front door, they're great for interior doors and walls too.

Modern Holiday Decor - Festive Animal Figurines & Ornaments

Gotta continue my love for zoomorphism and all things whimsical when it comes to Christmas decorations. A colorful unicorn ornament? A fluffy pink llama? How can anyone resist this stuff?! And no Christmas decor is complete without some reindeer figurines.

All right friends, lots of options out there to deck your home for the holidays minus the color red. Which are your favorites?

This post contains affiliate links, which means if you purchase something after clicking on a link I’ll probably earn a few dollars from it at no additional cost to you. I use affiliate links as a source of revenue to keep my remote design services affordable.


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