The Best Modern Holiday Decor For People Who Hate the Color Red

Let's talk the color red. Red is a strong, bold color and it can be quite polarizing. People either love it, or hate it. I'm one of the haters. And as we all know, red is everywhere when it comes to Christmas decor. But fear not, because I rounded up the best modern Christmas decor out there without an ounce of red. Ok there might be a tiny smidge here are there, but it'll be ok I promise.

Decorative Trees

Trees are pretty ubiquitous when it comes to Christmas decor. And there are a ton of good options out there for modern decorative trees. Bottle brush trees are classic, but it's nice to see some options that use different materials. The tassel trees definitely check that box. The jewel toned colors are vibrant and bold and they come in lots of different color options and sizes. The rattan wrapped trees have a simple/minimalist feel. The finish is nice and warm and they are actually pretty tall. They'd be perfect for fireplace hearth decor. The pampas grass trees are fun and unexpected. Pampas grass is really having a moment right now and I love it as Christmas decor.


Ok, so some of these garlands have a teeny bit of red and I'm ok with that because it's not overwhelming. Hopefully you're ok with it too. Garland is great for stringing across fireplace mantels, bookcases, and windows. I love all the playful and fun options out there. The colorful bottle brush garland is probably my favorite. The stocking garland is great too because it doubles as a countdown calendar!


Just ignore that red nutcracker!!! Shove that one in a closet and enjoy the other two:) All of these nutcrackers are completely useless when it come to cracking nuts (who does that anyway?) but nutcrackers just scream Christmas. The red on the pride nutcracker is acceptable, because PRIDE. I have way too many nutcrackers as it is, but if I was in the market for more I would definitely scoop up that acrylic pair.

Tree Collars, Skirts & Tree Toppers

Tree collars and skirts are a must-have for hiding those ugly tree stands that hold the water. A pretty collar or skirt is much easier on the eyes. I am obsessed with that cane collar. It's so good! Almost don't want to put presents out and cover these beauties up. And is a Christmas tree even a Christmas tree if it doesn't have a tree topper? I think not. I love the vintage mercury glass finials and the simple white finial because they had add even more height to your tree. Bigger is better right?

Wreaths & Door Decor

Lots of great options for decking out the front door. Door swag sounds like such an old lady thing, but those pretty white bells give any door in the house some extra zhush. The door hanger is extra special with all that texture and different materials going on. I really appreciate the nontraditional shape of the gingerbread house door mat. It's so stinking cute. Now remember, wreaths aren't just for the front door! They can be placed on interior doors and walls too. How cute is that greeting card holder/wreath? Christmas cards can be downright beautiful, so they deserve to be part of the decor too. People spend so much time selecting and designing cards, it's nice to display and enjoy instead of tossing them in a pile.

Festive Animal Figurines & Ornaments

Gotta continue my love for zoomorphism and all things whimsical when it comes to Christmas decorations. I mean a sledding wiener dog? A skiing raccoon? How can anyone resist this stuff?! And no Christmas decor is complete without some reindeer figurines.

All right friends, lots of options out there to deck your home for the holidays minus the color red. Which are your favorites?

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