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Project Reveal: A 90s Bathroom Gets a New Bold & Eclectic Look

Online designs mean that I rarely, if ever, get to see the finished space in person. Luckily this online bathroom design was local and the client was kind enough to let me take over her bathroom for the day to style it and have a photographer document the pretty much finished, just a few more things left to do remodel.

But first, the before pics. A pretty typical 90s bathroom with some very extra checkerboard tiles. Check it out in the slide show below.

The bathroom was completely gutted due to a mold issue so we started with a fresh blank slate.Our design process starts with an in-depth style assessment to really nail down the look at feel of the space. It quickly became clear that this bathroom was going to be bold, fun, eclectic, and very plant-centric. The client really wanted to include wood look and geometric style tiles, brass, and a colorful vanity. Here's the design concept we came up with.

Bathroom design idea with wood look and geometric tile, colorful art, towels, and bath mat.
Bold and eclectic bathroom design concept.

And here's a look at the finished design!

Modern bathroom remodel with navy vanity, cement tile flooring, and porcelain wood-look shower tile.
So much color, pattern, and texture!

So fun right?! Goodbye tub, hello huge shower! The warm toned wood-look porcelain tile was installed vertically to give it a more modern feel. The toilet was moved to the opposite wall (where a small shower used to be) and it became the perfect spot for a towel bar and vintage stool to hold extra towels (seen below).

Bright, eclectic, modern bathroom makeover
The lines in the vanity door fronts and tile were made for each other.

Here's the view from the other side. The concrete floor tile and the vanity work so well together! I love the way the angles on the vanity doors echo the geometric lines in the tile. We really leaned into brass with the mirrors, hardware, faucets, and sconces. It gives the space a super glam feel.

Patina on a brass bathroom faucet.
Patina heaven.

Just look at that patina on the un-lacquered brass faucets! So yummy. And it's only gonna get better with time.

Walk-in shower with warm porcelain wood-look tile and a marble pebble floor.
Hello spa-like shower!

The shower has some serious Japanese spa vibes going on with the porcelain wood-look tile, marble pebble floor, and plants. The tile looks so much like real wood, it's crazy. Eventually a custom-made glass door will be installed, but for now it's got wet room vibes.

If you love the look of plants in the bathroom, a humidity loving plant like a spider plant is the perfect way to bring life into the shower. And I highly recommend hanging eucalyptus in the shower. It totally elevates your experience and smells so good.

I'll leave you with a few detail shots to scroll through, because we all know that the details make the design:)

***Photography by Forest Heart.***

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Hi there! LOVE this bathroom reno. Was the vanity painted or bought that color? Curious about the paint color used.

Jess Harrell
Jess Harrell

Thank you so much! The vanity was purchased already painted.


Hi there!

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