How to Decorate a Coffee Table (Plus Three Table & Decor Combo Ideas!)

cozy eclectic living room with simple styled coffee table and article sven pacific blue sofa

We spend a lot of time looking at our coffee tables. They're one of the first things your eyes settle on in your living room, so you definitely don't want to neglect making them enjoyable to look at. But don't stress, because decorating a coffee table isn't all that complicated. My go-to method is pretty simple and pared down and creates a clean and tidy look. All you need are coffee table books, a houseplant, a tray, and a few decorative objects to create a pretty looking vignette. Here's how I do it:

  • Place a stack of coffee table books on the table and top it with something pretty like a small dish, bowl, or decorative object for a personal touch.

  • Next, add a houseplant to bring some life to the vignette and make things look more organic.

  • Last, add a tray to corral any loose items like candles, matches, coasters, and remotes. Placing them in the tray keeps things looking tidy.

Play around with different combos until your eyes are happy with what they see.

Here are three no-fail coffee table and decor combos that will inspire you and take the guesswork out of trying to decide what looks best together.

eclectic glam style coffee table and decor accessories combo

1. Gaultier Oval Coffee Table 2. Black ColorStak Modern Books 3. Japanese Bird's Nest Fern 4. Capri Blue Petite Floral Jar Candle 5. Olusania Tray 6. Duo Marble Stone Links 7. Match Cloche

whimsical nomad style coffee table and decor accessories combo

1. Jonas Coffee Table 2. Large Pink Coffee Table Book Bundle 3. Crispy Wave Fern 4. Anna Spiro Confetti Glass Candle 5. Stack Travertine Tray 6. Vintage Brass Rhino 7. Eye Matches

coastal boho style coffee table and decor accessories combo

1. Frannie Coffee Table 2. Gulf Coast Colorstak Modern Books 3. Peperomia 'Ferreyrae' Happy Beans 4. Sin Duo Candlestick 5. Granada Tray 6. Decorative Wooden Bead Garland 7. Rock Match Striker

Now you've got the tools you need to give your coffee table the love it deserves. Happy styling!

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