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How Our Primary Bedroom Went From Boring & Blah to Bold & Bright

Our primary bedroom has been really gratifying to design because we basically started with a clean slate. When you're starting with nothing, anything is an improvement, am I right?! It's still a work in progress, but I'm really happy with the direction it's taken. ⁠⁠

Here's what the space looked like when we bought it:

primary bedroom before make-over
Just your typical real estate listing photo.


And here's where we are now.

Modern Eclectic Primary Bedroom Interior Design-White Walls
Much better don't you think?

Now the space is full of personality and pattern with an eclectic modern feel. Here's how I made it happen:

I switched out the window treatments for woven wood roman shades in a warm tone to add a nice contrast to the white walls. The shades have a black-out backing because t⁠his room gets blasting sun in the morning, which is great for the house plants, but horrible for sleeping in.


I really want a statement light fixture in here, but ceiling fans are non-negotiable in this house, so I replaced it with a modern-style fan that blends in with the ceiling. I'm a firm believer that ceiling fans should be felt and not seen. Go ahead, try to convince me otherwise!⁠⁠⁠


Eventually, I'd like wood flooring in here because there's nothing more boring than sad builder-grade wall-to-wall carpeting. In the meantime, I'm using an area rug to break up the carpeting and create more visual interest.⁠⁠ It also helps to give the room a cozier feel. The modern rug has really great warm colors, and it's nice and thin, making it feel like a well-loved and worn vintage rug.

⁠⁠I cannot say enough good things about the Article Tessu bed. It is beautiful in person and looks really high-end despite its affordable price tag. This is not sponsored by them in any way. I'm just really happy with the quality of the bed. For bedding, white duvets are my go-to. The tufted poms add some much-needed texture and interest. I styled out the bed with an extra-long lumbar and a geometric throw blanket that I've had from West Elm for years.

The modern nightstands have plenty of storage, and the light blue shade adds a nice pop of color. (That phrase is so overused, but there's really no other way to say it!) I styled the nightstands with marble and brass table lamps and coffee table books. On my side of the bed, I added a cute brass duck, a small dish to place jewelry at the end of the day, and of course, a house plant. The vintage bentwood coat rack in the corner is great for hanging clothes at the end of the day. And as an added bonus, it keeps them from becoming wrinkled.

Still need to tackle the flooring and painting or wallpapering the walls. I'm leaning towards going with a dark, moody color to give it a cozier feel.⁠ What would you do for the walls? ⁠⁠Keep it light and bright, have fun with patterned wallpaper, or paint them a dark, moody color?

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You deserve to look around your home and go nuts over what you see.

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