Four of the Best Quality Ikea Home Decor Products Designers Swear By

ikea. How do I Love Thee? Let Me Count the Ways!

Just look at that cute little fake room!

There's nothing else quite like Ikea. Where else can you dump your kids at a play area, be inspired as you walk through beautifully decorated fake rooms, shop for the things you loved in those spaces, and finish it off with a hotdog and an ice-cream cone for $2.

Nowhere. Ikea really does have everything you could possibly need (and all the stuff you didn't know you needed ) for your home and at crazy affordable prices. It may be cheap, but that doesn't mean you should snatch up that $200 sofa. A lot of the products are just not built to last. Here are four tried and true, well reviewed products that you can buy at Ikea with confidence.

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Billy Bookcase $19-$208

Apparently one of these super versatile bookcases is sold every 5 seconds! They come in many different sizes and colors, and there are even options for doors. With so many options the customizations are endless. And if you want to make them truly unique, there are endless hacks out there for inspiration. I've seen some really incredible diy projects that turn the bookcase into built-ins like the one done by A Beautiful Mess below. Can you believe those builtins are made from billy bookcases? I'M FLABBERGASTED.

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Strandmon Wing Chair $249-$320

I've had two of these babies for almost 10 years and they really are comfy and sturdy. Wing chairs can lean pretty traditional, and this one has a nice mid-century spin to it. It comes it different colors and fabrics (including leather), but my fave is the houndstooth pattern. There's a matching ottoman if you like to put your feet up and you can even snag a kid's size version. I mean kid's deserve stylish furniture too. Right?

Stockholm RUG $199-$299

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An 8 x10 handwoven flat weave wool rug at this price point is a serious steal. There's a reason why designers turn to this rug over and over again. The graphic pattern and black and white palette bring serious contrast and interest to any space. Just look at how stunning it looks in Nate Berkus' living room below. It works beautifully with so many different styles. Graphic black and white not your thing? Ikea is full of affordable rugs made with quality materials. There are very few rugs that do not get rave reviews.

source: Architectural Digest

ingefara plant pot $5-$6

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Terracotta planters are classic, timeless, and they are having a big moment right now. I like this one for the clean modern lines. You can't go wrong with pretty much any planter Ikea sells. Houseplant lovers know, plant pots ain't cheap. And they've got a variety of sizes, materials, and styles at great price points. You can never have too many planters because you never know when you might acquire a new plant. Is that just me? Don't answer that. I always stock up on them when I go to Ikea. Check it out styled in my house below.

An INGEFARA planter in my house.

Some other products worth mentioning are textiles (just make sure you're buying things made with quality materials like wool, cotton, and linen) and lighting.

Will you think twice before you load your cart the next time you're at Ikea?


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