The Best of Anthropologie's Home Sale

source: Anthropologie

Attention fellow design dorks! Anthropologie's sale section is an ADDITIONAL 40% off. (Well except for furniture. BOO! HISS!) A good sale at Anthropologie is a very rare event. People tend to freak out when it happens and the inventory does not last long. That little kitty planter would end up being $7. I mean you have to buy it at that price right? There's lots of good stuff just begging to come live in your house. Anyways, here's what I would buy if I had unlimited funds, cause it's fun to daydream right?

P.S. - The discount isn't shown until you add it to your cart.

I did end up scooping up the embroidered bird pillow and the green stoneware picture frame. Did you end up buying anything?

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