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36 Stylish & Modern Kid's Toy Storage Ideas

***updated 12/20/2021***

Kids have A LOT OF TOYS and before you know it they're taking over the house. To keep things from looking like a hot mess you need a dedicated place to put them all. And don't you want to enjoy looking at whatever you decide to stash all those toys in? Yes. Yes, you do. Luckily, there are lots of really good options for stylish and modern kid's toy storage out there and I've rounded up the best solutions. But first, let's check out some kid spaces with easy-on-the-eye toy storage solutions.

moody and cozy kid's room with built-in toy storage
Sophisticated & moody kid's space.

This kid's bedroom designed by Sharon Montrose & Reath Design will forever be one of my favorites. The whole room has a really relaxed and cozy vibe. Can't you just see yourself dozing on those pillows while your kids rip everything out of those bins?! I really appreciate how the built-in bins are painted the same beautiful green as the rest of the space. Also, they're the perfect height for little kid's to access everything on their own and one day could be turned into bench seating with a comfy cushion or pillows on top.

whimsical black and white playroom with modern closed toy storage
source: Eileen von Berckefeldt

This playroom is a perfect example of a space that is fun and whimsical without looking like a kindergarten classroom. The black and white elements bring a little bit of boldness to this otherwise neutral color palette. The white storage unit is great for storing toys and can be repurposed for any number of things when it's no longer needed for kid stuff. The leather pulls are beautiful and the doors and drawer fronts keep the room looking tidy.

clean modern wooden toy storage furniture
source: Estudio Karina Kreth

Alright, so clearly this is a highly staged photo because no kid has this few toys. But, it is a great example of beautiful toy storage that looks like furniture

curated and collected play room with stacked wooden crates for toy storage
source: Christelle Ritter

I'm really into the layered and curated feel of this play nook. It feels the most real and lived in of all the spaces we've looked at. The stacked wood crates filled with toys and books look organic and sculptural.

Now that you're good and inspired to make your kid's spaces look timeless and organized, let's take a look at all the goodies I found. First up are bookshelves. We're all familiar with the ubiquitous Ikea cube shelf, but let's look beyond that and check out some alternatives that are so good you'll want them for yourself and not your kids.

1. Dolly Natural Wide Bookcase 2. Anders White Cube Bookcase with Legs 3. Vintage Oak & Rattan Bookcase 4. Cactus Steel Tree Bookcase 5. Mini Library 6. Hampshire Blush Tall Bookcase 7. Robot Bookshelf 8. Midcentury Wall System 9. Vintage Burl Wood Bookcase

So many great options right? My favorites would have to be #1, #5, #7, and #9. I love #1 for the unexpected shape and simple, no fuss look, #5 for the Scandinavian vibe and combination of open and closed storage, #7 because...IT'S A ROBOT. I'm also really into the burl wood and detailing on the bottom of #9. Seriously, go take a closer look. It's a really special piece. The majority of these pieces don't scream "Hi! I'm made for a kid!" so you can use them anywhere in your home when they outgrow the need to be stuffed to the brim with toys. Now let's check out some baskets and bins to put on those shelves (or use on their own).

1. Linus Cube Bin with Handles 2. Cane Storage Crate 3. Sprout Large Natural Crate 4. Fabric Dot Storage Bin 5. Storage Basket with Pompom 6. Stackable Wire Bin 7. Metal Stackable Storage 8. Woven Rattan Basket 9. Large Wooden Stacking Bin 10. Coiled Rope Basket 11. Water Hyacinth & Coiled Rope Stripe Bin 12. Rhino Storage Bin 13. Rainbow Semi Circle Basket 14. Shaped Owl Storage 15. Woven Storage Basket 16. Giraffe Floor Basket 17. Coiled Rope Fishtail Weave Basket 18. Rocket Shaped Wicker Storage

Gahhhh! I'm OBSESSED with the animal shaped baskets!!! I had so many of them saved for this post, I could have made a whole other post just about them. I'm still trying to come up with reasons why I need to buy them all. Obviously they are hands down my favorites. I also love the pops of bright color on #4, #11, and #15. It takes them from plain old basket to extra special. Stacking bins are really useful and #6, #7, and #9 all check that box. I really could have used #1 on all those nights I spent digging through bins trying to find that one toy that my kids couldn't fall asleep without. A clear bin would've made that A LOT easier.

I like having lidded baskets around for when toys inevitably end up in the living room (and every other room in the house). At the end of the day you can just throw them in there, cover it with the lid, and they're completely hidden and out of sight. Check out all the great options I found below.

1. Pear Braided Storage Basket 2. La Jolla Basket 3. Vintage Wicker Oversized Basket 4. Merchant Aqua Hamper 5. Cheetah Lidded Basket 6. Pineapple Floor Basket 7. Rattan Mushroom Basket 8. Wicker Storage Trunks 9. Acorn Basket with Lid

My favorite is #5 because I'm a sucker for animal prints. And have you ever seen a woven animal print basket before?! I think not. I have no room for additional baskets in my life, but I want that cheetah basket bad. I'm also loving #1, #6, #7, and #9 for their fun, whimsical shapes. There are so many woven baskets out there, they all start to look the same. But a woven pineapple shaped basket? That's something you don't see every day.

So which of these non-ugly toy storage options are your favorites?

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